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They are using TaxiCMS

Zurich Private Taxi
Excellent software that makes my job easier. Now I can manage all bookings on my website. It is exactly what I needed. Awesome!  
Bergamo Airport Taxi
The best thing about this software is that I can manage the bookings right from my smartphone. That way I am always informed about the new bookings.  
Taxi Paris Airport
Simple, fast and reliable software. Surely the best and cheapest that you can find on the market right now.  
Munich Transfers
I like the most the option “Freeform transfer” where you can make a booking manually if there is some special request, without adding new route.  
Finally a software made for us drivers! There is no need to hire someone else, I can manage my bookings without any help.
MNJ Transfer
I am very satisfied with purchase of TaxiCMS. The booking process is very modern and simple, my clients are satisfied and my business is growing.
Taxi Rome Airport
TaxiCMS is great at first sight. I can easily add routes and change prices all by myself. I don’t need a developer / programmer to do that.
Trieste Transfers
It’s great that you can organise your business to the details - there is calendar, bottom line where you can see your income and you can even assign a driver that you want.